Diving and snorkeling

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larry, owner of dive dive dive con dao

larry, owner of dive dive dive con dao

diving is among the best in Vietnam with 1,300 species of sea life in the area, including rare dugongs and sea turtles as well as beautiful coral reefs; we can also offer full instruction for beginners – why not learn in your pool

Dive! Dive! Dive! is the first SCUBA diving company on Con Son Island. Western owned and operated, our goal is to provide the safest, most fun and enjoyable diving and snorkeling experience possible, while maintaining absolute respect for the natural beauty of the ocean, the islands and their inhabitants.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff, well maintained equipment and….a custom made purpose built dive boat with full facilities and safety equipment onboard.
With a small team, personalized attention is assured and we would like you to feel at home with us both in our shop and on our boat.
We are looking forward to welcoming you into our shop and creating an unforgettable experience for you!

Founded in January 2011 by Larry Bernier, a passionate diver and long term resident of Vietnam.  We have found a unique home here on Con Dao where an opportunity has been presented to us to contribute our ideas and experience to the sustainable development of the islands, in a combined effort with the People’s Committee, the Navy and the Central Government in Vung Tau.

We take this role very seriously and are working diligently to halt environmental degradation and promote thoughtful well-reasoned development in contrast to the rapid pace and thoughtless development that characterizes most of Vietnam. Currently we are working with the Word Wildlife Fund (WWF), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Wildlife At Risk Vietnam (WAR).
Our mission is to provide our customers with a memorable visit to Vietnam and the Con Dao Islands.Being the only foreign residents on the island, we took upon us the role of unofficial tourist agency


Part of Con Dao’s charm is it’s remote location. The islands are situated 200 kilometres from the mainland and the only way in or out is by boat or by plane. There is a hospital on the island and two small pharmacies, but Vietnam is not very well known for it’s excellent health care system. If you are coming to these gorgeous islands, please keep in mind that you will be needing a travel insurance that will cover emergency evacuation.

In case of an emergency, you will have to be transported to either (depending on the severity of your case) Ho Chi Minh City or Bangkok, Thailand. The costs for emergency evacuation can easily build up to $50.000 and if you are not able to raise the funds needed or if you are not properly insured, emergency evacuation will be denied!


We are proud to present to you our custom made dive boat “ Quynh”, she was built with your comfort in mind without comprising your safety. To learn more about the measures we have taken to ensure your safety visit the Safety Page. 

She is a 15 x 4.2 meter wooden hull that can comfortably accommodate 20 divers and snorkelers. Onboard we have 2 hot and cold water showers, cooking facilities, plenty of headroom, a big comfortable ladder, 110 and 220v power to charge batteries, lockable storage space and adequate space to move around even when loaded with tanks and a new Coltri MCH-16 compressor that ensures that we never run out of air.
The dive deck is clear of any obstruction and is 3.5 meters long by 3.4 meters wide.

Con Dao is one of the few places in Vietnam with water clear enough to take your breath away. There are a number of species that will not be found anywhere else in Vietnam.

To make your trip enjoyable and safe, we at Dive! Dive! Dive! Con Dao have taken the following steps:


All of our staff are trained in first aid and regularly updated. All staff is subject to mandatory drug tests. We also enforce a strict no drinking 12 hours before diving policy.

Because we are diving in an extremely remote location we have extensive emergency plans in place.

We are the ONLY dive operator in Vietnam to have an Automated External Defibrilator (AED) on the boat, a comprehensive first aid kit, Very High Frequency (VHF) Marine Radio, Global Positioning System (GPS) and satellite phone.
We carry in excess of 6000 liters of oxygen on the boat, we are aware that people dive as buddies, so we carry independent oxygen supplies for two divers.
Our air is tested quarterly, to insure you are breathing compressed air that meets or exceeds USA and European standards and we stock 2 years of maintenance and repair parts for all of our equipment.

When drift diving, or in heavy current we bring a chase boat.
We also equip all divers with Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), whistle or air horn and cutting tool.
We have a dedicated staff member assigned to keep watch on all in water activities at all times.
Accidents do happen and we believe in being prepared.
Before entering the water, all divers and snorkelers will be briefed on safety procedures.
In the interest of safety, we ask for your understanding that we do not allow any customers to consume alcoholic beverages prior to entering the water, after your dive or snorkel there is beer for you to purchase


Dive Insurance
Due to our remote location all of our divers are required to have insurance.

This is not a requirement for snorkelers, but anybody traveling to a remote destination such as this is well advised to have adequate travel insurance.
There are numerous dive insurance agencies out there, amongst the better known are: Divers Alert Network (DAN), Dive Assure and In Depths.
If you do have a diving accident on Con Dao and you are insured with DAN, Dive Assure or In Depths, in most cases (depending on your coverage) you will still have to raise the funds to pay for the helicopter, hospital and recompression
so check your policy thoroughly prior to coming here!
In addition to your dive insurance you will still need a travel insurance that will cover all non-diving related accidents. Do check if your travel insurance (or even you health care insurance back home) covers emergency evacuation!
In case your dive insurance or travel insurance is not comprehensive enough to cover for accidents in our remote location, we came up with the perfect solution!
For students or non-certified divers doing a Try Dive, we suggest contactingIMG Global, as they do provide comprehensive travel coverage including non certified divers. 
Other options to consider are Divers Alert Network and Dive Assure, please read the policies carefully